My Dollhouses

 I am new to miniatures by only a few years now. So I have tons of learn.

The first (BLUE) dollhouse I bought used, on the Market Place on Facebook for $75.00, This one   is huge, its called The Altamont - It needs TLC but in pretty good shape for its age.

The second dollhouse is call the Beacon Hill. I have wanted this dollhouse for years.

I finally found one on Craigslist (I think) for $150.00 plus furniture. It's in excellent condition. The inside needs wallpapering or paint.

This house is my dream come true thanks to my darling husband Tom who bought it for me for my birthday last year. (2019)

This little beauty is called the  Buttercup by Green Leaf. I purchased this one from a friend for $15.00 as you can see it needs lots of TLC........and its on a revolving stand.

 This one is another great purchase, the San Franseco, I purchased for $50.00 on the Market Place on Facebook.

It came on the stand you stand you see with wheels. It is in pretty good condition for its age.

This one my husband bought for me brand new, way to much money, little did we know at the time.
$239.00 built.

Very colonial, I am thinking of turning it into a Boutique with shops in it.......would be fun

So as you can see I have enough project to last me a life time now.

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